Artbiz Branding Agency served as FORBIT sewing machine company’s one-stop shop for a comprehensive brand refresh. Their services encompassed the creation of a new logo, redesign of all stationery materials, development of brochures, a cohesive color palette for uniforms, 3D mockups of FORBIT’s sewing machines, design of outdoor advertising hoardings, and even print media assets. This holistic approach ensured a consistent and impactful brand image across all touchpoints.

Revamping FORBIT's Brand

Sewing machine company FORBIT decided it was time for a refresh, and Artbiz Branding Agency became their one-stop shop! From logo to marketing materials, Artbiz offered a comprehensive approach to revamp FORBIT’s brand identity.

A Fresh Logo for FORBIT

The starting point was a brand new logo design. This logo would become the face of FORBIT, instantly recognizable and reflecting their unique brand personality.

Cohesive Communication

Artbiz didn’t stop at the logo. They redesigned all of FORBIT’s stationery materials, ensuring a consistent brand image on everything from letterheads to business cards.

Informative Brochures

To educate potential customers, Artbiz created informative brochures showcasing FORBIT’s sewing machines. These brochures likely highlighted features and benefits.

Visualizing Sewing Machine Perfection

Sometimes a 2D image doesn’t capture the full picture. Artbiz created 3D mockups of FORBIT’s sewing machines, allowing customers to visualize them in a realistic setting.

Taking the Brand Outdoors

To reach a wider audience, Artbiz designed eye-catching outdoor advertising hoardings for FORBIT. These large-scale displays likely appeared in high-traffic areas, grabbing attention and promoting the brand.