Meereko, a leading ice cream manufacturer, entrusted Artbiz Branding Agency with the development of their complete brand identity. This comprehensive project encompassed the creation of a distinctive logo design, professional stationery suite, eye-catching pouch packaging, a functional and inviting ice cream stall design, and a cohesive color scheme for staff uniforms. Through this collaborative effort, Artbiz Branding Agency ensured a unified and memorable brand experience for MEEREKO across all touchpoints.

Scooping Up Success for Meereko

Leading ice cream manufacturer, Meereko, partnered with Artbiz Branding Agency to create a brand identity as delightful as their treats! This collaboration encompassed all aspects of their brand image.

A Logo to Scream About

The foundation of any great brand is a memorable logo. Artbiz designed a distinctive logo for Meereko that perfectly captured their playful and delicious essence.

Packaging that Pops

From pint containers to tubs, Artbiz designed eye-catching pouch packaging for Meereko’s ice cream. This ensured their products stood out in a crowded freezer aisle.

Sweet Stops, Sweeter Experiences

Artbiz didn’t stop at packaging! They also designed a functional and inviting ice cream stall design for Meereko. This ensures customers have a positive and memorable experience when purchasing their favorite flavors.

A Unified Look from Head to Toe

To complete the brand experience, Artbiz developed a cohesive color scheme for Meereko’s staff uniforms. This ties everything together, creating a strong and recognizable brand identity across all touchpoints.