Vinayak Clouds

Vinayak Clouds is an IT company that has undergone a comprehensive branding transformation by ArtBiz Branding Agency. This branding initiative encompassed the creation of a new logo, the design of various stationery items including business cards and letterheads, the development of employee ID cards and company t-shirt designs, the selection of a color scheme for uniforms, the creation of 3D mockups for tablets and laptops, and the design of print media materials. In essence, ArtBiz Branding Agency has established a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity for Vinayak Clouds.

Vinayak Clouds Gets a Brand Refresh:

Vinayak Clouds, a tech company, partnered with ArtBiz Branding Agency for a complete branding makeover. This project aimed to create a fresh and modern brand identity that reflects their innovative spirit.

New Logo Sets the Stage

The foundation of any strong brand is a memorable logo. ArtBiz designed a new logo for Vinayak Clouds that perfectly embodies their company values and sets them apart in the IT industry.

Stationery with Style

From business cards to letterheads, ArtBiz designed a cohesive suite of stationery items for Vinayak Clouds. This ensures a consistent brand experience in all their written communications.

Unified Employee Identity

ArtBiz created professional ID cards and company t-shirt designs for Vinayak Clouds’ employees. This fosters a sense of unity and team spirit within the organization.

Color Coordination

Choosing the right colors is crucial for brand recognition. ArtBiz carefully selected a color scheme for Vinayak Clouds’ uniforms that complements their overall brand identity.

Visualizing Technology

To showcase Vinayak Clouds’ tech expertise, ArtBiz created stunning 3D mockups of tablets and laptops. These visuals likely played a role in marketing materials.

Print Power

ArtBiz designed a range of print media materials for Vinayak Clouds. This might include brochures, flyers, or presentation decks, ensuring brand consistency across all printed communication.