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Brand Awareness

When your target audience can recall anything about your brand, that is known as Brand Awareness. Artbiz works hard and uses different platforms/tools like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to spread the word about your brand.

Logo Design

We work hard to make sure your logo reflects your brand in the best way possible. We have set up a three-step process that has helped us create some of the most mind-blowing designs.

Understand the brand's core values and target audience > Let our imagination run wild > Bring design to life.

Packaging Design

Product Packaging design includes a selection of material and forms, graphics, colours and fonts used to wrap a box, a can, a bottle, or any container. We strongly believe a product's packaging should be more than just attractive. So we design keeping the audience's comfort and practical usage in mind.


We incorporate various communication channels in our marketing strategy. Whether it is an ad movie you want to put out or a hoarding you want to put up, we have the experts at our agency who can cater according to your needs.

Content Writing

Content is the key to selling a product/service. If you fail to bring something relatable, you fail to explain why your audience should buy it. We strive to produce the most meaningful content for our patrons.

Social Media Marketing

Apart from graphic posts and captions, a lot more goes into Social Media Marketing. Hashtags strategy, content planning, engaging stories, creating an accurate buyer's persona to market our client's brand to - these are one of the many things we do. Social Media Marketing has multiple aspects that will produce results only when everything is aligned.

Web Design

Not everyone can visit your office physically, so how to show your products/services and tell them your brand story? Call them to a virtual location - Your website. There are different types of websites, and choosing the right kind is crucial for your business. If you want to sell your goods online, you can go for an eCommerce website If you want to put out information about your brand, you can go for a simple business website.

We have created every type of website design for our various clients.

Product Photography

Product photography is the art of taking pictures of goods in a way that entices shoppers. Using backgrounds, props, lights, and other things makes the photos a lot more premium for a buyer to click on. At Artbiz, we often come up with various innovative and interesting ways to photograph your product.

Quality Printing

Sometimes when you get a visiting card or a brochure printed, the result is not as impressive as it looked on your screen. The reason can vary from unskilled printing person to low-quality machinery, but that's not how we do things at Artbiz. We can guarantee that every collateral printed from Artbiz is of the highest quality possible.

3D Modeling

Why do brands use 3D modeling in advertising? Simple, to make the product look interesting. But is it as simple as it sounds?

3D modeling is a process of developing any object in three dimensions by influencing edges, vertices and polygons in a 3D space. Via 3D animation advertising, you can create a much more powerful image of your products in users' minds. We provide the ultimate 3D modeling design services in Rajkot. With our clients, we have been able to create some of the most remarkable 3D designs, that has truly benefited them.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a part of the online marketing strategy for many brands. If video making is an art, so is video marketing. A lot of research and experiments go by behind choosing the right thumbnail, keyword, descriptions, and more. Video marketing can pilot your brand to a higher level.

Mobile Application

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SEO Ranking

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the many online marketing tactics. According to a study, 5.4 billion searches are made every hour on Google. That means there's a possibility, that people can make searches around your product/services too. Through SEO we will optimise your website according to customer searches and queries. This helps you in getting higher traffic to your website and a chance to get leads.