Rocflame, a leading manufacturer of ceramic quad sinks, has undergone a comprehensive brand transformation spearheaded by Artbiz Branding Agency. This collaboration encompassed the creation of a distinctive logo, a cohesive suite of stationery designs, informative brochures, and high-quality 3D product models. Furthermore, Artbiz designed a range of branded materials to support Rocflame’s marketing efforts, including promotional bags, kitchen and outdoor kiosk displays, and impactful hoarding designs. This holistic branding approach ensures a consistent and visually appealing representation of Rocflame across all touchpoints.

Rocflame Gets a Makeover

Leading ceramic quad sink manufacturer, Rocflame, partnered with Artbiz Branding Agency for a complete brand refresh. This collaboration aimed to create a stronger and more memorable brand identity.

A Logo That Stands Out

The foundation of the new identity? A distinctive logo designed by Artbiz. This logo would become the face of Rocflame across all their marketing materials.

Cohesive Communication

Artbiz didn’t stop at the logo. They designed a matching suite of stationery for Rocflame, ensuring a consistent brand image in all their written communications.

Brochures Packed with Information

To educate potential customers, Artbiz created informative brochures showcasing Rocflame’s quad sinks. These brochures likely highlighted features and benefits.

Bringing Sinks to Life

Flat images can’t always capture the full picture. That’s why Artbiz developed high-quality 3D product models of Rocflame’s quad sinks. These models likely helped visualize the sinks in kitchens.

Branded Materials for Every Need

From promotional shopping bags to eye-catching kiosk displays, Artbiz designed a range of branded materials to support Rocflame’s marketing efforts. These materials ensured brand consistency wherever customers encountered Rocflame.

A Unified Brand Experience

By taking a holistic approach, Artbiz ensured Rocflame’s brand is presented consistently and visually appealing across all touchpoints. This means customers will experience the Rocflame brand the same way, no matter how they interact with the company.