Pithad, a sewing machine manufacturing company, underwent a comprehensive rebranding initiative executed by Artbiz Branding Agency. This included the creation of a new logo, a suite of stationery designs, informative brochures, identity cards, and custom t-shirts. The agency further extended the brand identity to promotional materials like bags, kitchenware, and wall clocks. To showcase their product offerings, Artbiz developed 3D mockups of sewing machines. Additionally, the project encompassed the design of outdoor kiosks and hoarding advertisements, ensuring a cohesive brand presence across all touchpoints. Artbiz Branding Agency also managed the print production of these materials, delivering a fully realized brand identity for Pithad.

Pithad Sews Up a New Look

Sewing machine manufacturer Pithad wanted a brand refresh, and Artbiz Branding Agency was there to stitch it all together. They embarked on a comprehensive rebranding initiative to give Pithad a modern and memorable identity.

From Logo to Letterhead

The foundation of any brand is a strong logo. Artbiz created a new logo for Pithad that captured the essence of their brand. This logo then formed the basis for a cohesive suite of stationery designs, ensuring consistency across all communication materials.

Informing Customers

Artbiz designed informative brochures for Pithad, likely showcasing their sewing machine features and benefits. These brochures would serve as valuable tools to educate potential customers.

Building Recognition

Employee identity cards featuring the new logo further strengthened Pithad’s brand identity within the company. Additionally, custom t-shirts with the new branding provided a walking advertisement for the company.

Beyond Paper

Artbiz’s creativity extended beyond traditional print materials. They designed branded bags, kitchenware, and even wall clocks, creating unique promotional items that customers would love to use.

Bringing Machines to Life

To give customers a realistic view of Pithad’s sewing machines, Artbiz developed stunning 3D mockups. These visuals likely showcased the machines’ features and functionality in a clear and engaging way.

Taking Branding Outdoors

For maximum brand exposure, Artbiz designed outdoor kiosks and hoarding advertisements featuring Pithad’s new identity. This ensured a consistent brand presence wherever customers might encounter the company.

From Design to Delivery

Artbiz didn’t just design the materials; they managed the entire print production process. This ensured high-quality execution and a seamless brand experience for Pithad.