Kharidi Bazar

Kharidi Bazar, a multifaceted organization encompassing plastic manufacturing and a franchise mall operation, entrusted Artbiz Branding Agency with a comprehensive brand identity overhaul. This project encompassed a complete reimagining of their visual identity, including a logo redesign, the development of a cohesive stationery suite, the creation of professional staff uniforms, the design of informative brochures, the visualization of concepts through 3D mockups, the development of eye-catching billboard designs, and the execution of a strategic print media campaign. Through this extensive collaboration, Artbiz successfully unified Khridi Bazar’s brand image across all touchpoints, ensuring a consistent and impactful customer experience.

Brand Makeover for Kharidi Bazar

Kharidi Bazar, a company with both plastic manufacturing and a shopping mall, decided it was time for a fresh look. They came to Artbiz Branding Agency for a complete brand identity overhaul.

New Logo, New Look:

Artbiz started by redesigning Kharidi Bazar’s logo to better reflect their multifaceted brand. This new logo would be the foundation for their entire visual identity

Looking Sharp From Head to Toe:

Artbiz didn’t stop at the logo! They also designed a professional uniform for Kharidi Bazar’s staff, ensuring a cohesive brand image across the entire organization.

Informative Brochures:

To effectively communicate with their customers, Artbiz designed informative brochures for Kharidi Bazar. These brochures likely showcased the company’s products and mall offerings.

Bringing Ideas to Life :

Sometimes, a flat image just doesn’t cut it. Artbiz used 3D mockups to help Kharidi Bazar visualize design concepts, making sure everyone was on the same page.

Billboards that Grab Attention:

For maximum brand exposure, Artbiz created eye-catching billboard designs for Kharidi Bazar. These billboards likely appeared in high-traffic areas to reach a wide audience.

A Strategic Print Campaign:

Artbiz didn’t just design print materials; they developed a strategic print media campaign for Kharidi Bazar. This campaign ensured the placements and messaging aligned with the overall branding goals.