Glastone, a manufacturer of ceramic quad sinks, underwent a comprehensive branding initiative spearheaded by the Artbiz branding agency. This project encompassed the creation of a new logo, as well as the design of various brand touchpoints including stationery, brochures, business cards, t-shirts, bags, kitchenware, wall clocks, and even product photography. Additionally, Artbiz crafted the design for Glastone’s transportation vehicles, outdoor kiosks, and hoarding advertisements, ensuring a cohesive brand identity across all customer interaction points.

Brand Refresh

Glastone, a manufacturer of stylish ceramic quad sinks, partnered with Artbiz Branding Agency for a complete branding makeover. This project aimed to create a fresh and unified brand identity for Glastone.

From Logo to Lifestyle

The journey began with a brand new logo design by Artbiz. This logo would become the cornerstone of Glastone’s visual identity, appearing on everything from stationery to kitchenware.

Brand Experience

Artbiz didn’t stop at the logo! They designed a range of branded materials for Glastone, including stationery, brochures, and business cards. This ensured consistency across all customer touchpoints.

Beyond Paper

The branding extended to merchandise like t-shirts and bags, promoting Glastone beyond traditional marketing channels. Artbiz even incorporated the brand identity into kitchenware, showcasing Glastone’s commitment to stylish design.

Branding on the Go

Artbiz ensured brand consistency extended to physical spaces. They designed Glastone’s transportation vehicles, turning them into mobile brand ambassadors. Additionally, outdoor kiosks and hoarding advertisements were designed to grab attention and reinforce the brand message.

A Unified Brand Image

Through this comprehensive project, Artbiz successfully created a cohesive brand identity for Glastone. This means customers will experience the brand consistently, no matter if they’re browsing a brochure, walking past a kiosk, or using a Glastone product in their kitchen.